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Vintage Artistic Corporate Sdn Bhd is one stop solution in giving the interior of a building an artistic flair. Whether it’s with our in-house created art, our custom made pictures frames, we are sure to satisfy your artistic cravings at an affordable rate, and at an amazing convenience too, since we also provide installations.

Vintage Artistic Corporate Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2001 with its principle business in all things to do with artworks, crafts and artifacts. Made up of a team of dynamic, progressive and innovative industry experts, our goal is to work closely with our consumers to ensure that we tend to all of their needs and wants of an ever changing market. Our 2 showrooms that are located in the center of Kuala Lumpur showcasing a variety of artworks and artifacts. From original oil paintings to wall sculptures, both obtained all around Asia, our customers can be confident that they find what they are looking for. We even have an in house artist for a more specific and customized art piece!

Wall sculptures were something we were very fascinated with it to enhance the room’s environments. Variety types of wall sculpture we brought in which are  made from stainless steel,  monkey woods and ceramics too. Our workshop located in Sungai Buloh allow us to control the development process and  ensuring the very best quality.

Our professionally trained staff here will also be in charge of handling delivery and installation of all our products sold.

In house services include but are not limited to:

  • Custom order  as  Printing on canvas
  • custom framing to suit just bought art pieces or ones brought in by customers.
  • Commissions to draw oil painting

Being in business for over 21 years, our track record of quality assurance, vast number of choices and excellent customer service allowed us to supply to some of the most high valued residences in the market. We also work closely with  interior designers, show houses, service apartments and other hospitality industries.


As Malaysia is home to a vast array of cultures, we believe it’s only natural that extraordinary art pieces be nurtured and appreciated. We intend to spearhead the movement of such a revolution and shake the foundations of the interior decorating industry; both by promoting art as well as educating consumers on the benefits of including art in their design.


We aim to be the leading platform in engaging art lovers and promoting art pieces as a cornerstone of design for both residential and corporate developments. By treating art as a major component of interior design, we hope to entice the creativity of the industry and with it be an inspiration to designers all over the world.


To accomplish the aforementioned vision and objectives, we will continue improving the environment that we have created for the public to discover art, while continuing to improve our services and bring in even more choices for customers to choose from. We will also be focusing our attention on introducing handmade wall sculptures to the Malaysian market.

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